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Fairtrade Fortnight 2016
Sit down for breakfast. Stand up for farmers.
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Calendar of Events
Fairtrade Fortnight MON. 29 FEBRUARY – SUN. 13 MARCH, 2016 Sit down for breakfast. Stand up for farmers.
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Wedding Showcase
Greg Valerio MBE present on stand to talk about Fairtrade Gold.
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Latest Events
Fairtrade Quiz 2016
“Let’s celebrate 10 years as a Fairtrade Island!”
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“Sit down for breakfast – Stand up for farmers”
“Sit down for breakfast – Stand up for farmers” Island launch of the big breakfast challenge.
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Fairtrade Mulled Wine
at St Martin’s Parish Hall Christmas Market
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“Everyone’s delighted we have obtained Fairtrade Status. The great thing now is to keep it going. I think there are plenty of retail outlets that now realise the market that is there, and it’s very important they do. In the long term it’s going to be of tremendous benefit for the growers in the Third World. Guernsey people are incredibly generous and when challenged by something like Fairtrade they respond.”

Sir de Vic Carey, Bailiwick of Guernsey Patron. 

By changing to Fairtrade, you can change the lives of farmers and producers across the developing world. If more people change to Fairtrade, it demonstrates our support for producers and expresses our dissatisfaction with the unfair trade rules that currently keep millions of people in poverty. A simple action like buying Fairtrade can trigger a positive change in peoples’ lives in developing countries as well as sending a message to our own leaders that we want change in global trade rules.

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