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    Climate crisis – power in the hands of farmers facing it.

    After the deep disappointment of the G7 summit, and with the critical UN climate summit COP 26 coming to Glasgow in November it’s vital that we face the future focused and determined.

    Let’s demand our politicians back their warm words on climate change with real action and financial commitments that mean more power in the hands of farmers facing a climate crisis.

    We’re calling for the nations most responsible for the climate crisis to create a $100 billion climate fund. A fund which the communities most affected by climate change can use to adapt to the rapid changes they are already seeing, and to build sustainable futures.

    It is absolutely critical that the expertise of farmers and workers is respected. Communities with first-hand experience of the worst realities of climate change – droughts, rampant plant diseases and more frequent natural disasters – must lead decisions on how any money is spent.

    Why are we calling for this?

    Because the Climate Crisis isn’t fair. The wealthiest 10 per cent of people produce 50 per cent of global carbon emissions. But it’s the lowest-earning farmers and workers whose lives and livelihoods are increasingly threatened by the consequences of climate change.

    Centuries of exploitation of people and the planet by the world’s wealthiest have caused this climate emergency, and caused the extreme global inequality which is leaving millions unable to earn enough to adapt to the rapidly changing weather.

    So it’s time our politicians owned up to their responsibilities. Let’s remind them we want do our bit to tackle the climate emergency and we want them to listen to the people most affected by climate change.

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