10 good reasons to buy Fairtrade



It’s so easy – just look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on a range of great tasting foods.
It tackles poverty by opening up markets to marginalised producers.
The Fairtrade price covers the producers’ costs, with a premium to invest in their business and the community.
Workers and farmers decide democratically how to invest the Fairtrade premium.
It empowers producer and worker groups in the supply chain and increases their knowledge of international trade.
Fairtrade farmers are encouraged to protect their environment or go organic.
Consumers show they care about producers and not just about prices.
It challenges all companies to move away from unsustainably low commodity prices and unethical sourcing.
Fairtrade sends a loud message to governments that the public wants justice in all trade.

It’s trustworthy. Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark to guarantee that producers in developing countries are getting a better deal.

Fairtrade works to benefit small-scale farmers and workers through trade rather than aid to enable them to maintain their livelihoods and reach their potential.


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