Fairtrade and Cadbury announce new global partnership

Fairtrade and Cadbury have just announced a new global partnership between the Cadbury Cocoa Life Progamme and Fairtrade, driving greater scale and impact for cocoa farmers and their communities.

This will mean that in the UK five times as much Cadbury chocolate will be made with sustainably sourced cocoa, compared to what is currently certified.

This evolution of Fairtrade’s relationship with Cadbury will see Cocoa Life being rolled out to all Cadbury products in the UK and Ireland by 2019, with the programme supported by the partnership with Fairtrade.

Since 2009, Fairtrade’s relationship with Cadbury has been based on certification of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate. In the new partnership, Fairtrade will instead become a partner for the whole Cocoa Life programme, helping to advance the programme’s impact for a much greater number of cocoa farmers. Having achieved significant impact to date, we will be working together on new innovative programmes – strengthening farmer-led organisations and businesses, and building resilience to climate change – which cocoa farmers say is now the number one threat to their future livelihoods.
This means that from May 2017, Cadbury products in the UK and Ireland will start to carry the Cocoa Life label on the front of packs, and the selected Cadbury Dairy Milk products that were previously Fairtrade certified will stop carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark. Instead, the new partnership between Cocoa Life and the Fairtrade Foundation will be indicated on the back of packs. Cadbury will continue to source the same amount of Fairtrade sugar, and the whole of Green & Black’s organic chocolate range (also owned by Cadbury) will remain fully certified.
This evolution is part of Fairtrade’s new, ambitious strategy, to scale up impact for farmers by working in different ways – beyond the FAIRTRADE Mark. As Fairtrade continues to evolve in the way that it works, we continue to see certification against our rigorous standards as our main way of doing business.

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