Can you spare a few minutes to give us your opinion?

We know that you care about farmers, and want to make sure as many producers as possible can benefit from fair prices and put Fairtrade in as many places as possible. To help us do that, we’re busy preparing a series of new materials to encourage more people to support our work, which we’ll be launching in the next few months. Can you spare a few minutes to give us your opinion?

To make sure these materials are as effective as possible, we’d like to know what you think of them. We’d really appreciate it if you could complete this short survey so we can better understand how to inspire people, like you, to play an even greater role in our work.
If you can spare just a few minutes you’ll also be the first to get asneak preview of some of the ideas we’re considering, and your feedback will play a big role in deciding the direction we go in. We need our supporters to tell us how best we can capture the general public’s imagination to build power in the movement.

Thanks in advance,

Supporter Team, Fairtrade Foundation

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