How many bananas could you eat in 25 Years? Try the Fairtrade Calculator……..

65 suitcases full! That’s how many bananas I could get through in 25 years. How about you?

Try the Fairtrade Calculator to find out what a quarter-century of tea, coffee, wine or bananas means for you. And what it means for farmers when we go Fairtrade.

Once you’re done, remember to ask your friends and family to try it out too. Let’s celebrate 25 of the FAIRTRADE Mark changing lives.

But the Fairtrade Calculator isn’t just about the last 25 years. It’s about the next 25 years.

Millions of farmers and workers across the planet are still getting a scandalously unfair deal, and the climate crisis – already hitting farmers hard – is making the future even more uncertain.

Tackling low prices and devastating climate change won’t be easy. But the Fairtrade Calculator shows us something important – the little choices we make every day add up to a big difference.



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