Organic September – Over 50% of Fairtrade farmers are also organic-certified….

Organic September has just begun and we in Fairtrade are joining with the celebrations.

Because over 50 per cent of Fairtrade farmers are also organic-certified, and the extra earnings Fairtrade can offer makes it easier to invest in eco-friendly organic methods. Our expert Fairtrade Producer Networks also offer support to farmers making the switch.

Why are so many Fairtrade farmers choosing to go organic?

Because by improving soil quality and reducing pollution, organic methods help protect local environments. This so important when many Fairtrade farmers are already feeling the worst effects of climate change.

Also, farmers can frequently earn more for organic produce. It’s win-win!


Please keep looking out for Fairtrade and organic treats this organic September. From teas and coffees to pastas and pillow cases, there’s over 1,000 Fairtrade and organic certified products out there. And each one means a better deal for people and the planet.

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