We need to solve the problem of climate change…..

“We need to solve the problem of climate change. It’s not helping farmers at all. It’s caused bad production, I’ve had to drop out from education, I don’t have income to support myself.”

In just a few words Ghanaian cocoa farmer Ellen Nyarko captures why the climate crisis really is a crisis.

It’s so important we stand with farmers like Ellen as they challenge politicians at COP26. We need to tell the world’s wealthiest nations it’s time to take responsibility for the climate crisis.

So many Fairtrade farmers are already working on innovative ways they can tackle the climate crisis they face every day. One of them, Bismark Kpabitey, joined Ellen last week to explain to Fairtrade supporters around the world how his agroforestry initiative was both protecting the environment and allowing his community to earn more.

Great work like Bismark’s costs money. Farmers like Bismark could do so much more if politicians from the world’s wealthiest countries finally delivered on a decade-old promise to create a $100 billion fund for the communities most affected by the climate crisis. We must challenge politicians to keep their promises on the climate crisis. Promises to increase funding, to cut their own emissions and to create a fairer future.

An unfair climate crisis: Although Bismark and Ellen are working hard to adapt to the changing climate, and their communities contributed very little to the climate crisis, they are feeling the worst effects. Increasingly extreme weather combined with unsustainably low cocoa prices threatens the immediate future of their communities. This simply isn’t fair. Generations of exploitation of people and planet by the world’s wealthiest countries caused this crisis.

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