Fairtrade farmers comment on COP26

We caught up with three Fairtrade farmers who have been at the COP26 UN Climate Summit throughout

Rachel, Muniraju, Bismark and 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers around the world have led the Be Fair With Your Climate Promise challenge.

We need to keep up the pressure on politicians and business leaders.

Pictured top to bottom: Bismark Kpabitey, a Fairtrade cocoa farmer from Ghana, Rachel Banda, a Fairtrade sugar farmer from Malawi, and Muniraju Shivanna,  a Fairtrade sugar farmer in India.

Pressure to keep the promises they make. And where the agreement falls short, we’ll need to double our efforts to convince those in power that there’s no alternative to bold action now.

It has been so important to have Fairtrade farmers like Rachel, Muniraju and Bismark at COP26. Because for them, the climate crisis is a real and immediate threat to their livelihoods – and their communities, in Malawi, India and Ghana respectively.

Bismark says “We, the producers, are already committed on the ground, trying to make things happen… to adapt to the climate issues.”

If politicians at COP26 deliver on their promises to spend more money scaling up projects like the excellent reforestation work Bismark specialises in, farmers like him around the world could do even more to tackle the climate crisis.

A strong, committed global Fairtrade community, led by farmers and workers, is what made it possible for Rachel, Muniraju and Bismark to make their voices heard at COP26. Thank you for being part of that community.

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