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Choose the world we all want……..

That’s a world where the farmers and workers behind our every day essentials earn enough for a decent standard of life. And enough to deal with the effects of the climate crisis. They’ve contributed least to climate change but are already feeling worst effects of the crisis.

And make no mistake – it’s those farmers and workers in Central America, South East Asia, West Africa and low lying islands who are feeling the worst effects of the climate crisis already -despite having contributed least to that crisis.

They are seeing rising sea levels, increasingly frequent extreme weather, and declining soil quality. Climate change threatens their immediate future.

Unless they earn more, they will not be able to able to both deliver the essentials to their families and invest in the climate smart farming techniques they need to survive the changing climate. It’s that simple – only by tackling poverty can we tackle the climate crisis.

By choosing Fairtrade, you are choosing to stand with those people. The farmers and workers on the front line of the climate crisis. By supporting the work of Fairtrade around the world, you’re helping make our global Fairtrade community even stronger.

Let us convince more people here in the Bailiwick to buy Fairtrade, and ultimately deepen the impact Fairtrade makes to the lives of farmers and workers around the world.

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