The clock is ticking…….

The clock is ticking ………..

That’s the message Fairtrade farmers are taking to the COP27 UN climate summit in Cairo next week. Climate change is threatening the immediate future of their communities, and the food they produce.

Why it is important Fairtrade farmers are heard at COP27.
So many Fairtrade farmers are already taking on the climate crisis. They are planting trees, sharing knowledge on climate-smart farming techniques and protecting local biodiversity.

“We are near the Bwindi National Park… workers have been trained to conserve this area of high value eco-system.” Jothan Musinguzi, Kayonza Growers in Uganda, explains how Fairtrade tea growers protect local biodiversity.

This work is vital in building a greener, fairer future for food. But it costs money.

Unfair trade and the failure of wealthy nations to deliver on climate funding promises has left millions in low-income countries unable to adapt to climate change, or pay for essentials like medicine, clean water and education.

At COP27, Fairtrade farmers will tell politicians and businesses this needs to change urgently.

Farmers from Asia, Africa and Latin America will urge leaders of the wealthy nations most responsible for climate change to, at a minimum, deliver on a decades-old unfulfilled promise. A promise to make $100 billion of annual funding available for communities in low-income countries most affected by climate change.

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