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Co-op has promised to source 100 per cent of its cocoa from Fairtrade farmers.

From next month all of the cocoa that Co-op buys for its own-brand products will be Fairtrade!

That’s right, when you buy any Co-op product with cocoa in it, you’ll know that farmers are getting a fairer, sweeter deal.

With many cocoa farmers experiencing an increasingly tough time, this couldn’t come at a better moment.

In west Africa, where most of the world’s cocoa is grown, many farmers are earning less than £1 a day and are struggling to provide for their families. At the same time climate change is causing rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall, making it even more challenging for them to grow high quality cocoa.

But thanks to Co-op’s new commitment thousands of farmers can now look forward to a brighter, more secure future. They’ll receive an extra £350,000 a year in Fairtrade Premium to invest in their farms and communities, for example in training to help them better care for their cocoa trees and adapt to climate change.

This has been made possible through the Fairtrade Sourcing Programme introduced in 2014 to enable farmers to sell more of their produce on Fairtrade terms. Now Co-op can buy over five times the amount of Fairtrade cocoa than it did before.

Co-op have been a long-standing champion of Fairtrade. They’re the only UK retailer to only sell Fairtrade own-brand chocolate bars and all their own ranges of tea, coffee, bagged sugar, bananas and roses are Fairtrade too. And to top it off, they’re also the world’s largest seller of Fairtrade wine. Cheers to that!

Brad Hill, Co-op’s Fairtrade Strategy Manager sums it up best, ‘We know that Fairtrade has the ability to change lives. Our commitment offers huge support to cocoa farmers and reaffirms that there is a positive future for them, their families and communities.’

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It’s Easter, which for many means celebrating by sharing chocolate!

We love the sweet stuff but there’s something that might leave a bitter taste.

There’s currently a surplus of cocoa. That’s good for chocolate lovers, but bad news for farmers, as prices have plummeted. That means they get paid less for their hard work, which makes life harder. The average cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire already lives on less than £1 a day. It’s no surprise that there aren’t enough young people going into cocoa farming. That could mean no one to take over from the current generation. If that happens we’ll go from too much cocoa to not enough!

Imagine a world without chocolate. Watch this film to see our take on it.

But there’s something you can do. Choose a Fairtrade chocolate egg this Easter and you’ll know that the farmers who grew the cocoa in it received a fairer deal for their hard work. They can also get training and better equipment so they can grow more, sell more and earn more.

Events Fairtrade Fortnight

Thanks to you all for supporting Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 was a great success. Sincere thanks to everyone who played their part in helping to ensure that Fairtrade grows in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Shoppers, cake bakers, cake eaters, speakers, teachers, facility managers, States Deputies, media friends, shopkeepers, vicars, jewellers, cafe owners, hotels, restaurants, snack box users, church stall organisers, GeoBar eaters, coffee drinkers, tea drinkers, sweet sugar users, wedding planners, event organisers, tuck shop stockers………………………. THANK YOU…….and keep up the good work!

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Some companies were created to make trade fairer. Meet the brands that are pioneering innovation in Fairtrade.
It’s not just business as usual, these companies have created their entire businesses with producers at the heart of everything they do.


Some of them have been working towards fairer trade with producers long before the FAIRTRADE Mark existed. Their pioneering work made many multinational companies switch to Fairtrade, and they continue to innovate with new products, new ways of empowering farmers and new ways of trading. Their work is vital to the future of Fairtrade.

Find out who these brands are, what they do and most importantly – what you can do to be part of making their vision a reality

Then speak to us in Fairtrade Guernsey to see how your business can play its part in supporting producers.

Fairtrade Fortnight Featured

Fairtrade Fortnight Finished. What next?

We hope you’ve enjoyed Fairtrade Fortnight and that if you’re not currently a regular supporter you might feel inspired to continue your support throughout the year.

Your support of farmers who toil, sweat and slog to provide us with the food on our tables has ensured that they receive a better deal, leading to a better and more stable income, helping them to break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in.

Here’s some ideas of how you can continue to support them……

Shop with the producer in mind
Make choosing Fairtrade part of your regular shopping. Look for the Fairtrade Mark and remember the benefits for the producer when you choose Fairtrade.

Spread the word
Take your Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar, biscuits, etc. into your workplace, school, church, club. Let your friends and colleagues see that you care and encourage them to do their bit too.

Make your office / workplace Fairtrade
Since the Bailiwick of Guernsey was awarded Fairtrade Island Status in 2006 over 250 local businesses, shops, cafes, restaurants, churches, hotels and clubs have registered their support with Fairtrade Guernsey.
Try and influence decisions to support Fairtrade by converting to Fairtrade refreshments. A minimum of 4 items is all that’s required and supply is easily arranged. We’ll add your organisation to our growing list, provide you with a colourful window sticker and certificate for you to proudly display….. and there’s no fee whatsoever, just a willingness to support.

(To register go to “GET INVOLVED” “Registration”)

Think Fairtrade
Fairtrade is more than just coffee, tea, sugar, chocolate, wine, etc. There’s nearly 5,000 different items carrying the Fairtrade Mark.
Think Fairtrade Gold for wedding and engagement rings.
Think Fairtrade wine for wedding receptions and celebrations.
Think Fairtrade for Easter eggs and Advent calendars.
Think Fairtrade dried fruit, chocolate, sugar, etc. for cake baking.
Think Fairtrade for stylish cotton clothing.
Think Fairtrade marmalade, fruit juice and jam for breakfast.
Think Fairtrade and be inspired……

Campaign for Fairtrade
The Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Group is a small, hardworking, friendly team who meet 4/6 times a year to plan events to further raise the profile and support of Fairtrade in the Bailiwick……..and we’re always looking for keen people to join us. If you’d like to know more, contact the Secretary, Steve Mauger on 728064 or email:

Thank you for showing your support for Fairtrade.