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The Business Pledge…….

The Business Pledge

Businesses sourcing from Fairtrade farmers see the climate crisis hitting the people in their supply chains disproportionately hard. Increasingly volatile and extreme weather is damaging crops and harming livelihoods in farming communities, making it harder to grow the goods their customers rely on.

This is an emergency. Unless we clamp down hard on global emissions and support farmers in low- and middle-income countries to build resilience, all of us will suffer, from farmers to consumers. Businesses are urging world governments to listen to the voices of farmers – the people who grow our food and other essential goods – as they call for urgent action at COP26. We welcome the open letter from the representatives of 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers across the world and urge governments to respond in full.

Governments must set ambitious, science-based rules and targets that do not allow unscrupulous businesses to ignore the damage they are causing to the planet, and which encourage responsible businesses to do more.

Business too must take a lead. They now commit ourselves to the following action in their international supply chains, and call on other businesses to do likewise.
* We promise to pay fair prices to producers – farmers and workers should not have to choose between tackling poverty and building resilience to the climate crisis. Our Fairtrade commitments are critical to achieving this.
* We promise to be long-term partners with farming communities, listening to the experience of farmers, sharing our expertise and investing in the urgent transitions farmers need. We back a shift in food production and supply, to one that is resilient to the changing climate, including backing nature-based solutions. We will support farmers as we work together to cut the emissions embedded throughout our supply chains.
* We promise to ‘know and show’ our climate impact, by measuring carbon emissions embedded in our supply chains, assessing the climate risks faced at farm level, and publishing the results. We want to raise awareness about the challenges, the practical solutions, and the need for others to raise their game.
* Finally, we promise to speak out, calling in public and private for governments to set and deliver ambitious targets for emissions reductions and climate finance that puts farmers and workers first.

What the Business Pledge is all about
The businesses who are signing the Business Pledge are committing to keep climate justice at the heart of their work. That means paying fairer prices so farmers can take on the climate crisis they see every day. It means being honest about the climate impact of their own business models, and working hard to reduce those impacts.

It also means investing in the expertise of farmers and workers when doing this work, so the burden and cost of adaption to climate change is not just met by farmers and workers on the front line of the climate crisis.

The companies who have signed the pledge are – (deep breath) – Bartlett Mitchell, Ben and Jerry’s, BIDBI, Bewleys, Cafédirect, Coliman, Cru Kafe, Clipper Tea, Co-Op, Cooperative Coffees, Divine Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Gregg’s, Kaladi Coffee Roasters, La Siembra Cooperative, Liberation Nuts, Lofbergs, Matthew Algie, Marks & Spencer, Navitas Organics, Nespresso, Numi Tea, People Tree, WARP Snacks, Tony’s Chocolonely, Quinola and Waitrose and Partners.

As global leaders meet at the COP26 UN climate summit, Fairtrade farmers and workers are calling for urgent action.

Climate change is already severely damaging the lives and livelihoods of farming communities who grow so much of our food. They are on the front line of a worsening crisis they have done the least to cause. And deeply unfair trade means many simply cannot earn enough to adapt to rapid changes in weather.

That’s why 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers are calling on politicians at the COP26 summit to Be Fair with your Climate Promise.

Farmers and workers are challenging leaders at COP26 to invest in the expertise of their communities, who see the realities of the climate crisis every day.

And they are demanding the wealthiest countries start being honest about their own carbon footprints, and work together to create trade deals and laws that encourage investment in the sustainable solutions many Fairtrade farmers are already pioneering.

Fairtrade farmers and workers know that if we don’t speak out now, it will be too late. Will you join them in challenging our politicians to Be fair with the climate promise?


The 2021 Real Advent Calendar…..Fairtrade of course!

The 2021 Real Advent Calendar is a fun way to share the Christmas story. There is a Fairtrade Chocolate and a line of the Christmas story behind each of the 25 windows. The free book has a page for every day of Advent, expanding on the Christmas story and includes some fun challenges.
In addition, the support of a children’s hospital from sales, a National Schools and Youth competition included in the book, and the free online all-age worship material make The Real Advent Calendar a great resource. This special calendar enables parents and children to experience the Christmas story for 24 days, and be challenged to do some good in the season.
• 24-page Christmas story activity book
• £300 children’s prize competition
• Behind each window there is a line from the Christmas story with a colour picture
• Foiled for freshness
• 25 Festive Fairtrade chocolates made from our improved Fairtrade blend-35% cocoa
• Palm oil free
• Charitable donation
• Recyclable box and tray
• Made, designed and produced in the UK
Price £4.50, from Mondomundi.


We need to solve the problem of climate change…..

“We need to solve the problem of climate change. It’s not helping farmers at all. It’s caused bad production, I’ve had to drop out from education, I don’t have income to support myself.”

In just a few words Ghanaian cocoa farmer Ellen Nyarko captures why the climate crisis really is a crisis.

It’s so important we stand with farmers like Ellen as they challenge politicians at COP26. We need to tell the world’s wealthiest nations it’s time to take responsibility for the climate crisis.

So many Fairtrade farmers are already working on innovative ways they can tackle the climate crisis they face every day. One of them, Bismark Kpabitey, joined Ellen last week to explain to Fairtrade supporters around the world how his agroforestry initiative was both protecting the environment and allowing his community to earn more.

Great work like Bismark’s costs money. Farmers like Bismark could do so much more if politicians from the world’s wealthiest countries finally delivered on a decade-old promise to create a $100 billion fund for the communities most affected by the climate crisis. We must challenge politicians to keep their promises on the climate crisis. Promises to increase funding, to cut their own emissions and to create a fairer future.

An unfair climate crisis: Although Bismark and Ellen are working hard to adapt to the changing climate, and their communities contributed very little to the climate crisis, they are feeling the worst effects. Increasingly extreme weather combined with unsustainably low cocoa prices threatens the immediate future of their communities. This simply isn’t fair. Generations of exploitation of people and planet by the world’s wealthiest countries caused this crisis.


COP26 – Fairtrade farmers’ writing to politicians on climate change

‘Seize this moment, listen to our voices, and ensure that we can continue to feed the world.’

These words end a letter from 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers, addressed to politicians coming to the COP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow next month. Fairtrade farmers and workers know this is our last, best chance for us to turn a corner on climate change together. We need to tell politicians it’s time to respect these farmers and workers as experts on tackling a climate crisis they see every day. Whole communities’ futures, and many of the Fairtrade products we love, are under immediate threat from climate change. But all around the world Fairtrade farmers and workers are pioneering innovative ways to tackle climate change. From tree planting in Ghana to bio-diversity projects in Guatemala, thousands of Fairtrade farmers are doing amazing work right now to build a more sustainable future. With more money in their hands, they could do so much more.

For years, the world’s wealthiest nations – those most responsible for climate change – have promised to create a $100 billion per year climate investment fund. A fund that could be used by communities in low-income countries feeling the worst effects of climate change. But politicians have failed to keep that promise. And of the funding that has been delivered, only 2 per cent reaches those smallholder farmers living with some of the worst effects of the climate crisis. In Fairtrade farmers and workers’ letter to world leaders, the message is clear: this needs to change,
for the future of their communities, for the future of the crops they grow and for all of us.

It’s time for an end to the generations of exploitation of people and planet. We will not survive the climate crisis unless we deliver what we have promised. Politicians must listen to and respect the expertise, needs and ambitions of farmers. It’s time to get behind Fairtrade farmers and workers demanding a fairer future.


Beach Clean supported by Fairtrade Guernsey

Saturday 18 September, 2021, 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m., Rousse Car Park, Fairtrade refreshments, All welcome.

What a great turnout for this afternoon’s #GreatBigGreenWeek beach clean with The Clean Earth Trust. Lots of rubbish collected – including drain pipes, shoes, and even a part of a computer – followed by some well deserved Fairtrade cake & cuppas.
Thanks to everyone who came along (60 of you!) and to the fantastic CET volunteers who sorted and counted all the rubbish afterwards.



INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE – Tuesday 21 Sept., 2021













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