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Vegan Fairtrade…

Tilimuqui Organic Fairtrade Malbec from Argentina is a rich red with a spicy complex finish.

Grown in high alititude vineyards in north Argentina where arid soils create super-ripe grapes. This is an intensely rich red wine that is also organic and vegan friendly.

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Five new Fairtrade chocolate bars…….

At Fairtrade, we’re all fans of chocolate.

But we know that cocoa farming can be punishing. Farmers work long, hard days – often not earning enough to live on. According to research, a typical cocoa farmer in Côte d’Ivoire earns less than $1 a day.

Added to that is the increasing impact of climate change, with unpredictable weather and new pests and diseases attacking cocoa crops.

Together with farmers and businesses, Fairtrade is working for a fairer future in chocolate.

Beatrice Boakye, cocoa farmer in Ghana, drying her cocoa beans
Beatrice Boakye, cocoa farmer in Ghana, drying her cocoa beans
Fairtrade farmers receive the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their goods, plus the Fairtrade Premium.

This extra sum of money means that not only can cocoa farmers pay for everyday necessities like healthcare, they can invest the Premium into projects to help the community or to improve biodiversity where they live.

So next time you get your chocolate fix, make sure it has the Fairtrade MARK on the label.

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How does Fairtrade pricing work?

So how can Fairtrade often be cheaper but also give farmers and workers a fairer deal?

Imagine you have bought a £1 bar of supermarket (NOT Fairtrade) chocolate. Of that £1, just six pence goes to the cocoa producer.

So who did you just give 94p to? About 40p went to the chocolate company, 35p to the retailer and the rest to other parts of the supply chain.

Seen like this, it’s obvious that giving farmers and workers a better deal is not about asking you to pay a higher price. It’s about giving producers a bigger proportion of the price you already pay.

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Guylian FAIRTRADE Chocolates

Did you notice something new about your box of Guylian chocolates? It now carries the blue and green Fairtrade logo!
That’s because Guylian has decided to switch to 100 percent Fairtrade cocoa.
When you choose Fairtrade, you choose fairer incomes, education, empowerment and training to help cocoa farmers adapt to climate change.
Learn more:…/guylian-switches-to-100…/#ChooseFairtrade


Make it a Fairtrade Christmas……

A lovely gift for tea lovers and so reasonably priced!

Super Fairtrade wine to compliment your meal.

Sparkling Fairtrade to celebrate!

…… all and more available from our supportive Guernsey supermarkets and retailers.