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Guylian FAIRTRADE Chocolates

Did you notice something new about your box of Guylian chocolates? It now carries the blue and green Fairtrade logo!
That’s because Guylian has decided to switch to 100 percent Fairtrade cocoa.
When you choose Fairtrade, you choose fairer incomes, education, empowerment and training to help cocoa farmers adapt to climate change.
Learn more:…/guylian-switches-to-100…/#ChooseFairtrade


Make it a Fairtrade Christmas……

A lovely gift for tea lovers and so reasonably priced!

Super Fairtrade wine to compliment your meal.

Sparkling Fairtrade to celebrate!

…… all and more available from our supportive Guernsey supermarkets and retailers.


The 2021 Real Advent Calendar…..Fairtrade of course!

The 2021 Real Advent Calendar is a fun way to share the Christmas story. There is a Fairtrade Chocolate and a line of the Christmas story behind each of the 25 windows. The free book has a page for every day of Advent, expanding on the Christmas story and includes some fun challenges.
In addition, the support of a children’s hospital from sales, a National Schools and Youth competition included in the book, and the free online all-age worship material make The Real Advent Calendar a great resource. This special calendar enables parents and children to experience the Christmas story for 24 days, and be challenged to do some good in the season.
• 24-page Christmas story activity book
• £300 children’s prize competition
• Behind each window there is a line from the Christmas story with a colour picture
• Foiled for freshness
• 25 Festive Fairtrade chocolates made from our improved Fairtrade blend-35% cocoa
• Palm oil free
• Charitable donation
• Recyclable box and tray
• Made, designed and produced in the UK
Price £4.50, from Mondomundi.