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Some companies were created to make trade fairer. Meet the brands that are pioneering innovation in Fairtrade.
It’s not just business as usual, these companies have created their entire businesses with producers at the heart of everything they do.


Some of them have been working towards fairer trade with producers long before the FAIRTRADE Mark existed. Their pioneering work made many multinational companies switch to Fairtrade, and they continue to innovate with new products, new ways of empowering farmers and new ways of trading. Their work is vital to the future of Fairtrade.

Find out who these brands are, what they do and most importantly – what you can do to be part of making their vision a reality

Then speak to us in Fairtrade Guernsey to see how your business can play its part in supporting producers.

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Fairtrade empowers women farmers

Fairtrade has empowered women farmers like Kabore Christine, a mango farmer from Burkina Faso in West Africa. After fleeing war in Côte d’Ivoire, many women in her community were left widowed and homeless. Kabore Christine now looks after 15 children, including eight of her own. Together, the women in her co-operative are rebuilding their lives.

Since becoming Fairtrade certified, Kabore Christine and farmers in a number of other co-operatives have used their Fairtrade Premium to improve their communities. They have provided women farmers with loans for bicycles so they can get to work and for gas cookers for their homes. The co-operatives have also invested in healthcare centres, adult literacy classes and a crèche.
So, when you pick up your dried mango in your local F
airtrade store, you could be eating fruit grown by Kabore Christine. Just pop into a store near you and see for yourself just how many delicious Fairtrade products there are.


News Products

Fairtrade Flowers for Valentines Day?

Flower farmers and workers
The cut flower trade is now a major industry in both developing and developed countries, with global trade estimated to be worth more than $100 billion a year. The Netherlands is a major exporter of cut flowers, accounting for 55% of trade followed by Colombia (18%), Ecuador (9%) and Kenya (6%). The major consumptions markets are Germany (19%), USA (17%), UK (16%) and the Netherlands (13%).
The industry is becoming increasingly important to the economies of developing counties, bringing in vital foreign exchange for investment in economic development. Most flowers are produced on commercial farms and provide employment opportunities and improved livelihoods for millions of workers. Colombia’s flower exports, for example, generates an income for around 800,000 people while Kenya’s flower industry provides vital income for up to two million people and is the country’s second largest agricultural foreign exchange earner (after tea) at more than $500 million a year.
The flower industry employs a largely female workforce of poor, less educated and therefore vulnerable workers. It has long had a reputation for poor working conditions including low pay, over-crowded housing and repression of trade unions. Over the past years, conditions have vastly improved for workers in many countries, but there are still challenges.
Fairtrade aims to protect and benefit workers on flowers farms by working with certified farms to ensure decent working conditions for their employees and protecting workers’ rights. These rights encompass economic, environmental and social dimensions of working conditions but also aim to amplify and strengthen the voice and choices of workers’ themselves. A recent study by Fairtrade International with three certified flower plantations in Ecuador, provides useful insight into how workers view their own empowerment and how Fairtrade can support their goals
Fairtrade works with 55 Fairtrade certified flower producer organisations in eight countries, representing 48,500 workers. Fairtrade sales generate an additional Fairtrade Premium for workers to invest in projects of their choice. In 2014, sales of almost 640 million stems meant flower plantation workers received Premium payments of £4.4 million which they spent on education, housing improvements, finance and credit services, as well as supporting education in their communities by renovating school buildings and providing student bursaries.

 This video about Ravine Roses, a Fairtrade certified flower plantation in Kenya, shows the difference that Fairtrade Premium funds have made to worker empowerment and community development in the region. (Source Fairtrade Foundation)


Fairtrade Easter Eggs from Divine and The Meaningful Chocolate Co.

Just two of the many Fairtrade Easter Eggs that will be available locally.

Out of the 80 million Easter eggs sold in this part of the world every year, The Real Easter Egg is the only one which has an Easter story booklet in the box, is made of Fairtrade chocolate and makes a donation to charity from its sales. The Real Easter Egg was launched in 2010. It was a real struggle as all the supermarkets turned it down. It was left to churches and church schools to place orders and fund The Meaningful Chocolate Company to begin making The Real Easter Egg. To date,  more than one million eggs have been sold with 750,000 of these sent through the post directly to churches and schools. Not only has there been an increase in Fairtrade chocolate sales, but nearly £250,000 has been donated to charity.

Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 44% owned by cocoa farmers. While Fairtrade ensures farmers receive a better deal for their cocoa and additional income to invest in their community, company ownership gives farmers a share of Divine’s profits and a stronger voice in the cocoa industry. Divine produce a large range of chocolate bars and eggs in different flavours.


Plamil Chocolate Selection Box


The Box is a real (and healthy) treat which makes a perfect stocking filler for children of all ages. It boasts a rice milk chocolate Santa bar, three rice milk orange chocolate snowmen, three white mint chocolate snowmen and two single serving size bars of dark chocolate with unrefined coconut blossom sugar. All treats are Fairtrade, organic and vegan. Anymore for anymore?


10 Fairtrade Christmas gifts ideas

10 Fairtrade Christmas gifts ideas
The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of giving. With just one month to go, we round up a selection of Fairtrade gifts that are not only ideal for Christmas but are a real force for good in the world. Fairtrade makes a tangible difference to the lives of more than 1.6 million farmers and their families in the poorest parts of the world. So whether you are sharing a box of chocolate on a winter’s evening or buying a gift of jewellery for a loved one, choose Fairtrade – and know the producers are getting a fair deal.
Fairtrade Poinsettias, Interflora

Add a touch of glamour to your home with these FIRST (oh, yes, yes) Fairtrade Poinsettias. One of the most popular Christmas decorations, Poinsettias are said to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem that led the three magi, or wise men, to the place where Christ was born. The flowers are grown by a Fairtrade-certified cooperative in Ethiopia, which is hoping to invest the Fairtrade Premium generated from sales to build a hospital and an educational centre for the community.


Divine Milk & Dark Chocolate Belgian Selection

The perfect treat for everyone this Christmas. It boasts 16 soft centred chocolates: raspberry caramel, toffee and sea salt swirl, praline crisp and dark or milk chocolate caramel hearts. All Divine Chocolate is made from the best Ghanaian cocoa, grown by farmers at the pioneering Kuapa Kokoo co-operative, who own 44% of the Divine Company.


Organic and Fairtrade Mulled Wine Sachets, Steenbergs

For the festive necessity that is mulled wine, simply add a bottle of red wine and sugar to the Fairtrade Mulled Wine Spice Sachets. A teaser for a brand new range of Christmas foodie gifts, these vibrant boxes work perfectly as stocking fillers and every cook’s essentials. However you choose to spice up your Christmas, do season it well and savour every moment!


Traidcraft Fairtrade Top Iced Christmas Cake in Tin (750g)

This traditional Christmas cake is packed with Fairtrade juicy raisins and spices, and a dash of sherry, and features a toasted marzipan star to create a truly festive look. It is baked by hand in the UK with the highest quality ingredients (including Fairtrade brown sugar), and comes in a reusable tin. What not to like?

Fairtrade tea and coffee, M&S

For this festive season, M&S has released 13 different Fairtrade teas and coffees across its gift collection. Highlights include Spiced Tea – a delicately spiced black tea from Southern India with flavours of nutmeg, clove and ginger. The selection also includes ground coffee, and coffee beans offering a variety of flavour notes, such as chocolate, caramel and citrus fruits, making them the perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Louise Dress in Navy, People Tree

Treat yourself or your loved one to this fashionably cosy dress from People Tree’s latest collection. Inspired by the romanticism of the British Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the 20th century, the feminine collection combines contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. The dress is made by Assisi Garments, a social enterprise of artisans in India who work with Fairtrade and organic cotton.
Fairtrade jewellery, Cred Jewellery

Treat a lady in your life to a bracelet or a pendant from the brand new Origins Collection by the Fairtrade pioneer Cred Jewellery. Each piece has been carefully crafted in Fairtrade silver with rose gold plating, and features vibrant yellow and teal enamel that beautiful highlights the unique three-dimensional designs. For more inspiration, see the whole collection.


Children’s pyjamas, noctu

A gorgeous soft 2 piece pyjama set, perfect for your child’s sensitive skin from ethical brand noctu. Available in two different colours, Grey Stripe and Juniper Blue, the pieces are made with 100% organic Fairtrade cotton. Total goodness for your little one!


Plamil Chocolate Selection Box

The Box is a real (and healthy) treat which makes a perfect stocking filler for children of all ages. It boasts a rice milk chocolate Santa bar, three rice milk orange chocolate snowmen, three white mint chocolate snowmen and two single serving size bars of dark chocolate with unrefined coconut blossom sugar. All treats are Fairtrade, organic and vegan. Anymore for anymore?

Fairtrade wine, Arniston Bay

Last but not least, a selection of South African wine from Aniston Bay. The Colombard Chenin Blanc offers a crisp, uncomplicated blend of tropical fruit flavours, while lovers of rosé will enjoy lively strawberry flavours of the Shriaz Rose. Red wine devotees will savour the complex, yet mellow red that bursts with ripe berry fruit. With an option for every preference, these are sure to please all during the festive season. Enjoy your glass (or two!) knowing that your purchase is aiding the lives of 122 workers and their families.