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We hope you celebrated World Chocolate Day on 7 July 2022…….

We want to keep celebrating World Chocolate Day for years to come. But for chocolate to have a sustainable future, chocolate needs to change now.

We can all do our bit to make that happen. By choosing Fairtrade and sharing your support, you’re showing the huge public demand for fairer chocolate. Let’s show why millions of us choose Fairtrade everyday. Because we want chocolate that means fairer pay, more women’s rights, action on climate change and more power in the hands of cocoa farmers.

Cocoa farmers are already using the power of Fairtrade to lead the change we need to see in chocolate. We need to convince more shoppers, businesses and politicians to do the same.
‘We have the knowledge, we have the good practices… but we need some funds to adapt to climate change.’ Benjamin Franklin Kouamé, Fairtrade Cocoa Farmer and Chair of Fairtrade Africa, speaking at COP26 UN climate summit. Farmers like Benjamin are using the extra money and power Fairtrade can generate not just to take on climate change, but also to take on the growing global cost-of-living crisis.

With lots of low-cost Fairtrade chocolate options, choosing Fairtrade doesn’t need to be more expensive. But choosing Fairtrade does mean a fairer deal for cocoa farmers on extremely low incomes. Rising costs for essentials like food risk pushing cocoa farmers – often already earning as little as 74p per day in Côte d’Ivoire – into even more extreme hardship. That’s why now is the time to shout even louder about the great range of Fairtrade options available, and the real difference they can make.

You are a big part of the reason why there’s so much Fairtrade chocolate around. Decades of public demand means countless varieties of Fairtrade chocolate – from milky to dark, vegan to fruit-filled – are available everywhere from supermarket own-brand ranges to corner shops and Fair Trade stores.

So what’s next for Fairtrade campaigning on changing the chocolate for the better? One of the exciting grassroots campaigns we heard about during the session was the Chocolate Has A Name project. Aiming to increase access to education and training for cocoa farming communities in Ghana, the project is being led by Ghanian diaspora community group Africaniwa and the Fairtrade National Campaigner Committee (NCC). We in Guernsey are pleased to play our part in supporting this exciting venture.

Changing chocolate for the better isn’t easy. But your commitment to Fairtrade has played a real part in the progress we’ve made so far, and strenghens our hope for a fairer future.

Whatever chocolatey Fairtrade favourite you choose to pick up today, thank you.


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Guernsey Weigh sign up as supporters of Fairtrade

The Guernsey Weigh are delighted to have been presented with a certificate of recognition for commitment to Fairtrade.

Since 2005, Fairtrade Guernsey has called on our local community to help bring about positive change for millions of farmers and workers in developing countries, asking shoppers and businesses to choose products that change lives and reminding everyone of the dramatic difference Fairtrade makes.

At the Guernsey Weigh, we want to encourage you to choose Fairtrade when you shop, and that’s why we sell products that improve the lives of farmers and workers. Fairtrade is about better prices, safe working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.

Choose Fairtrade, and shop at The Guernsey Weigh!

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The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce have chosen the world it wants……

The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce has just signed up to the island’s Fair Trade initiative and is proudly offering a range of Fairtrade drinks and snacks which help this hugely important organisation.
A Fairtrade awareness lunch and discussion was held at the end of November and the organisation has committed to supporting Fairtrade for the foreseeable future.

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‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi

Fairtrade supporters in Guernsey will remember the two visits to our island some years ago by Greg Valerio MBE. Greg inspired many of us and opened our eyes to the challenges faced by small scale producers in the artisanal gold mining sector. Yet of even more importance, he showed us from his first hand experience how Fairtrade can be a solution.

In a new initiative, Greg shares the following with us: “Over the years as I have worked as a Fairtrade jeweller and community activist, I have collected the residue of refined gold that has come from the certified Fairtrade Gold mines. This residue, when re-refined, is Fairtrade Silver. What better way to use these kilos of silver, than to create a limited edition ring, profits of which will go directly to the restoration of The Society St Columba’s Celtic Education Centre (Community Education Learning Training and Innovation Centre).

The urgency of tackling the climate chaos that is now enveloping our beautiful world is an urgent CALL TO ACTION. As a jeweller, I witness how large scale mining destroys entire ecosystems and displaces resident communities. I witness small-scale miners using mercury to process gold, oblivious to the toxic impact mercury has to human health and ecosystems. I currently work alongside communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo who have been devastated by the ongoing mineral funded conflicts of the region. The legacy of ethical jewellery must be greater than just the jewellery itself.

The Society of St Columba at Chanctonbury has a vision for an ecologically biodiverse and sustainable community farm. St Columba’s Farm is all about investing into a model of community-based living here in England. They have taken on a derelict heritage cattle farm and outbuildings and through prayer, work and education have set about restoring the farm, the land and the wildlife to a thriving integrated ecosystem. The Celtic Education Centre is the education hub of this vision.

Education is best served up as an experience, and in a restored centre where school kids, communities groups, and interested parties can come and learn about how we can restore our beautiful local environments and world to their original glory.

Discover more of the work here. An education centre dedicated to truth-telling and practical experiential learning is a legacy worth investing into.

Please visit my website to buy one of these limited edition rings.”

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