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Fairtrade Cotton bag design competition 2019


Serving Fairtrade cakes at the soup bowl event on 9th March 2017

After yesterday’s Fairtrade baking marathon at Haute Capelles Primary School, Year 6 pupils offered the cakes to customers at the soup bowl event in the church hall at lunchtime today. The cakes went down very well (with a cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee!) and the pupils enjoyed telling everyone about the different recipes and the Fairtrade ingredients in each one. Thanks again to the staff and pupils at Hautes Capelles for supporting Fairtrade and for the organisers of the soup bowl for welcoming the Year 6 pupils and all their cakes!

Fairtrade fun at Haute Capelles Primary School!

Two members of the Guernsey Fairtrade steering group, Amanda Evans and Ann Battye, visited Hautes Capelles Primary school on the afternoon of 8th March 2017 to help out with some Fairtrade activities. All the pupils in Year 6 were involved in cooking muffins (either Fairtrade banana, honey & oats, Fairtrade chocolate & orange or Fairtrade white chocolate and blueberries). Others pupils made a Fairtrade fridge cake and some also made Fairtrade crispy rice nests. When they weren’t cooking, the pupils were busy playing the Fairtrade ‘Breaks and Ladders’ game and creating Fairtrade recipes and artwork. The cakes were being made for the soup bowl event on 9th March 2017. A big thank-you to all the staff and pupils at Hautes Capelles for their support and also to the Channel Islands co-op, who provided us with vouchers to buy all the cooking ingredients. We all had a great afternoon!

Breaks & Ladders Board Game

This adaptation of the classic Snakes & Ladders puts you in the shoes of a farmer and the risks facing farmers daily. Travel up the ladders and slip down the bananas and see who is the first to the finish!


Make sure you also download the game instructions which includes a spinner and counters.


Fairtrade Picture Quiz

Quiz task 2017

These are all photos of food or drinks that you might find in your local supermarket but do you know what they are before they are processed?

Show your students what a long journey these products go through before they become the food and drinks we love.

Quiz task 2017 Answer Sheet

The Fairtrade Guernsey School’s Competition 2016

The challenge was to organise an imaginative Fairtrade breakfast with classmates. To use as many Fairtrade ingredients / products as possible and come up with some interesting breakfast combos!Beechwood Fairtrade Schools Breakfast   Amazing work by Beechwood!

The Fairtrade Guernsey School’s Fairtrade Competition 2015

For keen artists or budding web designers. Students created eye-catching banners and logos for our new Guernsey Fairtrade website!


Many thanks to island schools for the hundreds of super entries.
Here are the Winners in the three age categories.


Imogen Bacon
Reception – Yr 2.
Melrose. Age 6 / Year 2


India Wilkins
Yr 3 – Yr 6.
Melrose. Age 8 / Year 4


Elliot Coutu
Yr 7 – Yr 11.
Grammar. Age 13 / Year 9


The Fairtrade Guernsey School’s Fairtrade Competition 2014

We received so many wonderful designs for postcards to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight.

The winning design has been printed and hundreds of these super postcards are available around the island and may have found their way, spreading the message of Fairtrade Guernsey!


Fairtrade Cupcake Schools Competition 2011


Materials for Schools and Youth Groups

The Fairtrade Guernsey Steering Group is keen to respond to requests for help. Members are available to speak in school assemblies, lessons, and youth groups. Visits by representatives of The Fairtrade Foundation and/or overseas Producers can also sometimes be arranged during Fairtrade Fortnight. We also have a Fairtrade school representative who can be contacted for materials and advice:


Amanda Evans, PSHCE adviser

Mobile: 07839102402



For a great source of information and resources, contact The Fairtrade Foundation


Fairtrade quotes from local Primary school children:


“Fair price, clear conscience!”

Jessica age 10


“Food tastes better when you know it’s helping someone!”

Billy age 10


“Please buy Fairtrade products for your meal, so the people that produce them get a fair deal.”

Kirsty age 10


“Let the farmers in the third world have a fair share. Buy Fairtrade, its good value and tasty.”

Freya age 8


“If you buy Fairtrade today you can help others in countries far away.”

Sophia age 9


“Fairtrade is a way of making people happy. So there will be more love in the world.”

Elie age 10


“Buy Fairtrade to give a better wage.”

Ellie age 8


“Help others to a better quality of life.”

Jensen, age 6


“It’s a way we can make a difference to third world countries.”

Tayler age 9


“Change to Fairtrade today to make the world a better place.”

Tasmin. Age 10


The following schools are registered retailers of Fairtrade stock

  • Les Beaucamps School
  • Les Beaucamps School staff room
  • Elizabeth College staff room and canteen
  • Amherst School Tuckshop
  • Grammar School Canteen
  • College of Further Education Canteen & staff room
  • Beechwood School
  • St. Martin’s Primary School
  • Acorn House School
  • St Sampsons Secondary School
  • The Ladies’ College
  • La Mare de Carteret Secondary School
  • St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary School
  • Castel Primary School
  • La Houguette Primary School
  • Forest Primary School
  • College of Further Education
  • La Mare de Carteret Secondary School Staff Room
  • Blanchelande Girls’ College