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Hautes Capelles School Fairtrade Cake Baking


¬†Amanda Evans and Ann Battye, members of the Guernsey Fairtrade steering group, visited Hautes Capelles Primary school on 8th March 2017 to help out with some Fairtrade activities. All the pupils in Year 6 were involved in cooking muffins (either Fairtrade banana, honey & oats, Fairtrade chocolate & orange or Fairtrade white chocolate and blueberries). Others pupils made a Fairtrade fridge cake and some also made Fairtrade crispy rice nests. When they weren’t cooking, the pupils were busy playing the Fairtrade ‘Breaks and Ladders’ game and creating Fairtrade recipes and artwork. A big thank-you to all the staff and pupils at Hautes Capelles for their support and also to the Channel Islands co-op, who provided vouchers to buy all the cooking ingredients.

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